FAQ - About Our Products

1. Why Should I Get a Plaque & Logos?

Your award does you little good unless people know about it. Office plaques are stunning and make an impressive statement in your practice.

Our “Logos” on your website instantly communicate your enhanced status & impressive 3rd party endorsement versus other providers in your area.

2. Why Upgrade to an amazing “Preferred Listing”? (FREE with any Plaque order)

Your complimentary “Basic Listing” shows just your name & town. An upgraded “Preferred Listing” comes FREE with any product purchase and includes:

  • Your Advanced Degrees, Services, Website, Map, Testimonials, Special Training, Photo, Phone, Full Addresses (up to 3 locations) & more…
  • Logos-unlimited use for your Website or any marketing you do.
  • Moves you to the Top of Your State in our directory.
  • Creates a Profile “mini-website”  that is commonly indexed by Google; & may rank higher than your current website as: “TodaysBestDentist.com/dentist/yourname” on Google’s Search Page
  • Provides a powerful statement about your selection & honor for improved SEO.

Studies show that patients overwhelmingly choose “Preferred” doctors over those with Free listings.

3. Why get a Press Release?

Do your patients know your background & credentials? Inform & impress others about advanced degrees, special training, services, awards & organizations. Our articles reach hundreds of news outlets, search engines, and social media. They can be impressively framed in your office, on your Website, Social Media pages or elsewhere.

4. What is my “Google Business Page” & Why is it Critical?

Your “Google business page” is the first thing viewers see about you online & a primary factor Google uses to rank you! Yet most practices have missing information, poorly optimized pages & multiple errors on their listings. Get found & chosen online. Let our pros help you.

5. Dental Education Videos- Why add them?

There are over 150,000 practicing dentist in the US & their websites all look pretty much the same. So how can you stand-out? Make your site stand-out by adding robust & invaluable professional dental information for consumers. Proven to impress viewers so they pick you.

6. 5-Star Online Reviews – How to Get Dozens?

Nine out of 10 patients check online reviews before choosing a dentist. Wouldn’t you? How many reviews do you have; 10, 20, 50? If you have poor or few reviews, people will choose your competitor. Dentists that provide excellent care get the best results, yet almost every dentist benefits after adding this service.

7. Online Scheduling & Texting – Do I Need This?

Everyone is texting & ordering online now; any time of day. Who wants to be tied to your office hours? Let people contact or schedule with you on weekends, after hours or whenever it’s convenient. Proven to increase busyness & fill your schedule 35-70%! Cuts wasted time on phone interruptions & endless phone tag to free up your front desk.

FAQ - How our site works

1. I Got a Notice that I Was Nominated. What Do I Do Now?

To complete the selection process, we ask you to confirm your information by completing our short (60 second) questionnaire. Once you have qualified, the site will automatically take you to our “Registration” page so you can be listed. After you register, the site will then take you to our “Store” page where can order office plaques, upgrade your listing etc. (Please see #3 & 4)

2. I have a Group Practice with Multiple Providers. Can the Practice Qualify?

No. Each dentist has different training, experience & reviews so each must qualify individually to be included in our directory.

3. Why Should I Get a Plaque, Logos or Press Release?

Your award can be extremely impressive if you inform others that you were selected. Office plaques are stunning make a strong statement about your practice. Use your “Press release” to notify hundreds of news outlets, search engines, and social media of your honor. Our “Logos” on your website instantly communicate your enhanced status versus other providers in your area.

4. My Listing is FREE, Right?

Yes. However, our free listing is quite basic. We encourage you to consider upgrading to a “Preferred Listing–Logos bundle” (FREE with any Plaque order) to show your practice name, advanced degrees, website, , services, phone, full address, photo, practice Logo, map and more. You will also get unlimited use of our logos on your website and any marketing you do & enhance SEO etc. Patients overwhelmingly choose Preferred Dentists over those with basic Listings.

5. Can I list my Practice Name on my Plaque?

Yes, you may list your practice name on any plaque you order.

6. Can I list my Practice Name in your Directory?

Only if you upgraded to a “Preferred Listing”. We do not list practice names on free listings.

7. I Already Registered; Can I Bypass Your Questionnaire?

Yes, as long as you registered in the current calendar year . Just input your email address in the space provided. If you registered over 12 months ago, we ask you to re-register as a new client so your information is up-to-date and  your listing shows at or near the Top of your state’s directory

8. I signed Up in Past Years, but My Email is Not Being Recognized?

You may have used another email address, inputted it with a “typo”, or registered with a different website. Please complete our short questionnaire and re-register as if you were a new dentist.

9. How Did I Get Nominated?

Your nomination may have come from a colleague, a patient, or from research by our nominating committee. To qualify dentists, we check your background, experience, years in practice, online ratings, patient reviews, disciplinary actions, continuing education & evidence of your commitment to excellence.

10. Corrections & Mistakes- I need to change or correct my information:

If you upgraded to a “Preferred Listing” by making a purchase, please click the “Profile Tab” to edit your information. If you have a Basic “Free Listing”, you may only show your name, city and State,  so you may not have much to change. Please email us if you have any questions at [email protected]. Please remember to identify yourself with the dentist’s name, profession, and address so we know which account to update.

11. Phone-Can I Call You?

We prefer to communicate by email to avoid endless telephone tag with busy dentist’s offices. We will almost always get back to you the same day or within 24 hours. Written correspondence also helps insure that we receive and publish the most accurate information.

12. Can I Order by Phone?

No. All orders go through our website.

13. Can I Purchase Plaques from Past Years?

Yes, we offer plaques up to 3-4 years back; assuming you would have qualified in those years. To order, please click on the “Dentist Enter Here” tab. Then either “Register” or “Login” to get to our Store Page. Once there, choose the plaque you would like to order, and the site will have a pull-down menu with the current and past years.  Click the year you are interested in, and the store will record your entry in your shopping cart.

14. Can I Get a Discount for Ordering Multiple Products?

Yes. The site provides 10% and 15% discounts depending on the number of items you order. If you received a promo code, please enter it for savings, as well.

15. My Credit Card was Denied

Please input the card information again to be sure numbers or other data were not entered incorrectly. If the problem persists, please contact your credit card company (toll free number on the back of your card.)

16. Why Is the Site Not Letting Me Fit My Name & Degrees?

We can fit approx. 25-30 characters on plaques. Otherwise the font becomes too small to read, or impairs the esthetics. Please consider leaving out a degree, abbreviating a middle name or removing periods from your degree(s).

17. How Long Will It Take to Get My Order?

Since all Plaques are custom-made, please allow about 4 weeks for delivery; the same for “Press Releases” that have to be custom- written and formally published.  Please allow about a week for  our staff can check your license status, reviews, and credentials, before your listing will appear in our directory.

18. How Can I Get Your Logos?

Please click on the “Dentist Enter Here” tab. Then either “Register” or “Login”. If you made a purchase this year, please click on the “Logos” tab to download Badges and Logos to your computer. Then, forward them to your website-company or graphics person to place them on your website & in any marketing.

Nominate a Dentist

Dentists may apply directly without a nomination, as we check all credentials as part of our selection process. To apply directly please click here.

We also strongly encourage nominations of Excellent Dentists deserving of recognition; from healthcare providers & from patients who have received outstanding care. To recommend a dentist please submit the form below:

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